Nature is the natural, physical, or material world or universe in its broadest definition. The term “nature” can refer to both physical occurrences and life in general. The study is a substantial, if not the sole, element of what we do. Human activity is typically thought of as a different category from other natural occurrences, despite the fact that humans are part of it.

The word nature comes from the Latin word natura, which means essential attributes, natural inclination, and denoted birth in ancient times. The concept of nature as a whole, the physical universe, is one of several extensions of the original concept. It began with pre-Socratic philosophers core applications of the word (though the word had a dynamic dimension at the time, especially for Heraclitus), and has steadily gained currency ever since.


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Latest Topic: 100 Stars vanished from the Cosmos

Last modified: November 09, 2023

gravitational lensing

Gravitational Lensing

The Sun is the star that is closest to Earth. At night, some stars can be seen with the unaided eye. Stars can also burst or fade. There would be an afterglow if they burst as a supernova, and it would linger for hours or days. They don’t simply vanish. The chance of falling into a black hole is one of the possibilities. It’s one in 90 million chances.

Gravitational lensing is another possibility. A gravitational lens is a piece of matter, such as a galaxy cluster, that binds light from a distant source as it travels towards an observer. Because light follows the curvature of spacetime in general relativity, it is bent when it goes around a big object. This means that light from the other side will be bent towards the observer’s eye. Finally, there is the potential of being hit by an asteroid.

Follow-up research is being carried out. And with innovation, we can learn more about how the stars disappeared.

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There will surely be losers as a result of climate change, but there will also be winners. The earth’s climatic zones will be moved about. Improved regionalized models also demonstrate that climate change may have both negative and positive effects, particularly in northern parts of the planet where human activity has historically been hindered by extreme cold and discomfort.

daisugi tree

The Daisugi technique, which translates to “platform cedar,” is a technique for growing more trees from existing trees.


A strange pig-faced shark

It looks like any other shark in the water...

  A shark that grunts like a pig…..

astronaut brushing teeth in space

Astronauts Brushes teeth

Aboard International Space Station......


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96 Million Balls

The balls were purchased for 36 cents each, totaling $34.5 million


New Planet found

Scientists has uncovered evidence of a new planet...

goats mountain climbing

How and why mountain goats climb so high?

Within 48 hours of birth, a kid can usually go climbing with its mother....

trained cows

Potty trained cows

The research team was able to train 11 of the 16 calves in the trial....


Aquatic turtles may spend hours…

It is unclear why soldier crabs march. One day, all the crabs that emerge are male, but the next day, there may be a mix of males and females. 


Reason why butterflies drink the tears of turtles

Turtle tears attract butterflies because they contain salt, particularly sodium, an essential ingredient that is limited in the western Amazon. Because it is almost 1,000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, a major supplier of salt, and is shielded from wind-blown salt particles to the west by the Andes Mountains, this area has a lower sodium level than many other places on Earth.
Because butterflies are so fragile, they do not appear to harm turtles in any way, but they do make it more difficult for them to see. This is an example of commensalism, in which one species benefits while the other is unharmed but receives no benefit.

The blood in your head may rush out into your lower body if you are travelling in a jet that is making quick maneuvers…..

It is essential to provide bees with safe havens. Bee hotels are also an excellent way to attract pollinators to your flower or vegetable garden.


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